Into I

Are you having difficulty connecting with your partner?


Do you want a set of tools to help you resolve conflicts, in and out of the bedroom?


Are you willing to open up your heart and own your truths?


My intimacy coaching sessions were designed with you in mind.


Your second chakra, or sexual/pelvic center, is the root source of your financial, sexual, creative, and emotional life. It holds enormous power from bringing forth life to pleasure far beyond imagination. It’s also holding centuries of trauma… cultural, personal, and ancestral. I offer you a healing practice that allows you to release trauma and wounding gently, safely, and quickly, without needing to re-experience it or talk about it. Intimacy coaching is for individuals as well as couples who want to grow in their intimacy with each other. In your sessions, we will explore the power of presence, consent and vulnerability. I work with all genders and currently host workshops for women only. Watch for couples workshops coming in 2022.

Women's Weekend Workshop

October 23-24, 2021


Sacred space is being held for you to BE!

Experience your inner divine healer and awaken your life!


Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-3pm

Edwards House, Framingham, MA

Sandra Rose and I have collaborated to bring a women's weekend workshop for 9-15 women to come together and deepen our connection to ourselves, our worthiness, and explore our capacity to offer and receive presence from one another. We will journey on the path of learning and experience each of the 3 roles (receiver, facilitator, and witness) in a Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® Session and expand our self awareness, our voice, and our aliveness.



  • Grounding Meditation

  • Journey Dance

  • Lunch provided

  • Power of Presence

  • AH practice Demonstration

  • Introduction of Lympia Ceremony

  • Grounding



  • Grounding Meditation

  • Sharing

  • Guided AH practice in groups

  • Lunch provided

  • Sharing Circle

  • Self AH practice

  • Closing

Super Early Bird 

available until

 September 3, 2021.


Early Bird 

available until

September 30th


Right on Time

After October 1st


After your payment is complete, you can expect to receive a registration form via email. The application process to register for the workshop is to help ensure we are confident in our capacity to meet the needs of our participants. If you have reservations about answering any questions you can let us know.

After we have received your payment and your registration form, we might follow up with questions and request a phone conversation., after which you will be notified of a decision about your attendance. If we are not able to accommodate you for this workshop, your payment will be refunded.