Step out of fear and allow love in. 


Your sexual/pelvic center holds enormous power . . . from bringing forth life to pleasure far beyond your imagination. It’s also holding centuries of trauma; cultural, religious, personal, and ancestral. When you clear what no longer serves you, you are left with The Essential, Feminine, Receptive, Powerful... YOU!

These workshops are offered monthly vai Zoom as well as private sessions for individuals and couples.


October 23rd          7:00pm est

November 27th     7:00pm est

December 18th     7:00pm est

In these circles, you will discover ways to: 

  • RECONNECT with your body, embrace your full feminine potential


  • HEAL trauma that keeps you small and inhibited


  • AWAKEN and nourish your powerful life force energy


  • IGNITE your Divine Power in a uniquely feminine way      


  • RECLAIM your Passion, Power, Pleasure, and Creativity


  • EXPERIENCE more self-love, joy, expansion and vitality in your life


  • SPEAK your truth with confidence, peace, ease, and grace


This workshop is a great way to experience a deeper awakening of your sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy.

You will also:

  • Discover what authentic intimacy means to you and how you can express yourself more intimately every day.

  • Learn why it is critical for women to be in touch and accepting of our sensuality.

  • Discover new techniques to awaken yourself to your own sensuality.

  • Learn how to integrate the masculine and feminine into every day so you can live a more balanced life.

  • Become a part of a community of like-minded women who are committed to supporting other women.

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Who doesn't want a happy yoni? I know a lot of women who don't even know what that means? 

I have partnered with Yoni Pleasure Palace, a female-owned Australian company created in 2014 by Rosie Rees, leading Sex & Relationship Coach and founder of Women’s Nude Yoga workshops and the Naked Awakening facilitator training.

They source mostly GIA certified crystals, free of glue, plastic, resin or petro-chemicals. They ship globally, express post, discrete (of course!), using eco-wrap and packaged in compostable bags.

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Golden Yoni Membership

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