Step out of fear and allow love in. 


Upcoming Circles:

January 15th.

These workshops are offered monthly vai Zoom as well as privately for individuals and couples.

In these circles, you will be given tools to help you: 

  • Define what sensuality means to you and find ways to express it daily.

  • Learn why it is critical for women to be in touch and accepting of our sensuality.

  • Discover new techniques to awaken yourself to your own sensuality.

  • Connect with your partner more intimately. 

Women's Circles are a place where women connect with other women and learn how to support each other throughout life. During our circles, we will share wisdom, encouragement, and connection in order to strengthen each other. Our time together may include meditation, intention setting, music, dancing, card readings, journaling, rituals for releasing, and other women empowerment tools. My greatest hope in holding space for you in this way is that you feel empowered to embrace and celebrate your authentic self. By walking in our truths, we can empower all other people we come into contact with to do the same. Please come prepared to open your heart to yourself and others.

When you participate in these circles, you will also learn how you can

  • Reconnect you with your body and experience more pleasure.

  • Awaken and nourish your powerful life force energy. 

  • Connect with the Divine Power and Goddess within. 

  • Reclaim your Passion, Power, and Creativity

  • Experience more self-love, joy, expansion, and vitality.

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Currently on hold due to COVID

Emily and Amy  (The Illustrated Room) will join us in ceremony with a circle of women who share similar desires. I will open our evening with a guided meditation to ground and center us, breath work to enliven us, and a brief discussion on essence and what it means to be fully present.  We will then encourage each other individually to prepare for artistic expression. I will hold sacred space while Amy and Emily offer techniques and encouragement for your creations. Before we end our evening, you will have an opportunity to share your authentic self with the circle. Your artwork will then serve as a reminder of the beauty you hold while allowing your wonderfully unique, authentic self to shine! These unique parties are perfect for fundraisers, showers, birthdays, and memorials.


Who doesn't want a happy yoni? I know a lot of women who don't even know what that means? 

I have partnered with Yoni Pleasure Palace, a female-owned Australian company created in 2014 by Rosie Rees, leading Sex & Relationship Coach and founder of Women’s Nude Yoga workshops and the Naked Awakening facilitator training.

They source mostly GIA certified crystals, free of glue, plastic, resin or petro-chemicals. They ship globally, express post, discrete (of course!), using eco-wrap and packaged in compostable bags.

Join the 

Golden Yoni Membership

for $30 a month.


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