Group Coaching Program


Live life with more clarity, confidence, and connection.

​​Set goals, take action and

watch dreams come to life!

Start getting inspired today!

  • Do you want to increase your self worth?

  • Do you desire to have so much confidence in yourself that your dreams  become your reality?

  • Do you wish to be so clear about your purpose that you are able to make decisions more easily and confidently?

  • Do you want to live a life that is full of excitement every day?

  • Do you wish to know what it feels like to be living out your true purpose with passion

  • Do you crave deep connections with women who are committed to empowering others? 

I can say with full confidence that every decision I make today is made with my whole heart because I have used the tools that I teach others. 

My heart-centered coaching brings women together to help support and encourage each other through life's ups and downs. My coaching model consists of three basic concepts.


Learn how can you embrace and honor your true self when you are alone.



Learn how to share your authentic self with others.



Come to understand that as an empowered woman, you have
a responsibility to help other women feel empowered.


  • Once you sign up, you will receive access to your Exclusive Member Portal. I have jam packed that portal full of tips, tools, worksheets, videos, resources, book reviews and more! 

  • We will gather via Zoom once a week. All calls will be recorded and posted in your portal because I wouldn't want you to miss out on anything. 

  • Our calls will consist of celebrating wins of the week, a grounding exercise to help us be more present and focused,  a specific topic led by myself or one of our many experts and questions/feedback from all of you. 

  • You will be given 1 exercise to do each week that is centered around the topic of the week and a connected with a goal you have set for yourself. 

  • You will receive daily encouragement via email or text (your preference) because let's face it, we all fall off track from time to time and we need each other. 

  • You will grow with the community on our private Facebook Group, where you can connect with each other. and share wins (and challenges) anytime you want. 

  • You can expect me to hold space for you through all of this by being fully present and available via email or private sessions. I designed this program for you and for US. 


Let's ignite some passions!

As an exclusive member, you will have ​

  • Weekly group coaching session (held virtually so you have access from anywhere in the world)

  • Weekly Q.& A call (held virtually)

  • Access to a Private Facebook page where we can support each other daily 

  • Monthly conversations with other experts

  • Daily tips of encouragement sent to you via text or email

  • Annual in-person group celebration

  • Multiple tools and resources in your member's online portal (videos, best practices, tracking worksheets, PDFs, recordings of all coaching calls)

  • A community of women who are committed to empowering others

  • Referral program (one month free for you and your friend)


...and there will be plenty more.




Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 


Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager.

Sunshine Beeson

Emotional Release Hypnotherapist and Iridologist

Lisa Dahl - November 3rd

Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Meal Planning Expert

If you are ready to start living life with more clarity,
confidence, and connection,
this Group Coaching Program
will help you reach your goals.


We are always enrolling new members.

Gaelen Abt - December 1st

Conscious Style Wardrobe ReDesigner


University of Massachusetts Amherst

Family and Consumer Science and Education


MOVA (Mass Office for Victim Assistance)

Massachusetts Victim Assistance Advanced Academy

CCAR Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery

Recovery Coach Academy and Facilitator Training

Y12SR (Nikki Meyers)

Yoga for 12 Step Recovery Certification

Kenyon Salo

Motivational Speaker Training

Spectrum Health Systems

Trauma Informed Training

My Life My Choice

Preventing Sexual Exploitation Among Adolescent Girls

One Voice Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Certification

Doven Starr Intuitive Reiki Center

Reiki Certifications

Strozzi Institute

Power of Embodiment Training

Meg Francis

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