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" A master of many programs, Meg is motivating and inspiring in everything she creates. Her knowledge and skills are ever-evolving, shown in her expansive scope of experience and practice."
                                                                                                                                         –S.W., Sudbury, MA

About Me

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I help women feel more confident, grounded and empowered through heart centered coaching and embodiment practices so they can increase their capacity to keep commitments to themselves, create more intimacy with others and feel a sense of empowerment that leads to a life of fulfillment.  

 My road back to my authentic self was blocked multiple times by my own self-doubt and  insecurities, health issues, family issues, finances and a recurring lie that told me "I am not enough."  I kept running away from that lie but had no roadmap to guide me. Today, I am confident in my body, my mind, my spirit and in the decisions I make around life, love and happiness and am available to others who are trying to find their way to true happiness. This is why I have created the Road Map to Authenticity. 

Click the link below to learn more about my journey back to myself. 

Motivational Speaker


I bring years full of stories about overcoming challenges, escaping and healing from toxic relationships, changing careers, raising 2 daughters and essentially finding my own way of navigating this challenging world.  I use my personal stories and interactive exercises in a fun, exciting, and inspiring way. I tell it like it is in a straight forward, simple and compassionate way that inspires all people to be more accepting of themselves and each other. My goal is to deliver powerful and heart moving content to each person in your audience.


I am skilled at motivating large audiences as your keynote speaker and facilitating break out sessions for your smaller groups.

I am currently booking virtual speaking engagements until further notice. 

Coaching Programs

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My heart centered approach to coaching brings women together to help support and encourage each other through life's ups and downs.


As an exclusive member, you will have

  • Official Roadmap to Authenticity

  • weekly group coaching calls

  •  multiple tools and resources in your member's online portal ( videos, best practices, tracking worksheets, PDFs, recordings of all coaching calls)

  • a community of supportive women who have committed themselves to empowering others. 


The tools I offer you will get straight to the heart of who you are and why you do what you do and will keep you motivated to reach your goals.


"If you can imagine a place in your heart that feels like home, this is what it feels like being with Meg." 

                                  –H.W.,Hopkinton, MA

"Meg always brings her authentic self, leads with her heart, and creates a space that is safe, non judgmental and uplifting."



                                –A.M, Marlborough, MA

"Meg represents fierce bravery for community and in the service of others."

                        –B.W, Jamaica Plain, MA

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