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When I was growing up, the only thing I was super confident about was that one day, I would be an amazing mom to a little girl. That is all I knew. And that is all I wanted. The rest was all up in the air….for a looooooong time. And then she arrived. Not the way I had planned (because I had no plan) and not at the time I would have preferred and not with a man that I loved. 

Because I never had the specifics of my plan, I wandered. I fell into a career that I was very good at and enjoyed, but it didn’t fulfill me. I was in the restaurant business and I was serving people. I was a baker and I got to see people’s faces glow with delight at the sweets that I prepared. And life was just ok.



Once Olivia was born, nothing else mattered...until Sydney came along. In 2011, I decided to leave the restaurant business, with no clear plan. I knew only that I needed time to figure out what I was super passionate about in addition to being a mom. So I took some time learning about myself, taking classes, exploring options, enjoying my girls. I opened a yoga studio. I left the yoga studio. I worked at recovery centers. I worked at my daughters' schools. I didn't do this alone. I surrounded myself with empowered women and supportive men to help me. I made a plan. With new found freedom and time for reflection, I found my way back to my true self and eventually wound up here. 



Once I found my true passion, I realized it was more than what I do. It was a remembering of what I was placed here to do. My trainings brought out the best in me and enhanced the skills I knew I had but never fully understood how to access. Those trainings ignited a fire in me and reminded me that I am meant to help others learn what it is like to priortize joy. When I was doubting my gifts one day, daughter, Olivia, said to me,  ”You’re Meg Francis and you can do anything!” The way that my girls and I live together is magical. We raise each other up. Some days I am not sure who the parent is because we are women supporting women through life. And I believe everyone should have a team that functions on love, acceptance, encouragement and presence. I have done my best to encourage my girls to embrace every part of themselves, to celebrate themselves and to ignite that same confidence in others. My hope is for you to be able to do the same. 


My new path led me back to school at 48-years-old and  I am currently attending Boston University on my way to receiving my Masters in Social Work. I am working full time in a field I love while still having an impact on my community. By facilitating empowerment groups at recovery houses and other organizations in Massachusetts ~ I am able to witness miracles on a daily basis! My strength is in helping people navigate their way through life transitions of any kind without losing their grounding.


My mission is clear now: to inspire and motivate people to fully embrace and celebrate their uniqueness and to empower them to live life on purpose with clarity, confidence, and connection.


Spirit Hollow 

Every Step a Prayer - Tools for Shamanic Wholing
and Healing

One Voice Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Certification

Y12SR (Nikki Meyers)

Yoga for 12 Step Recovery Certification

CCAR Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery

Recovery Coach Academy and Facilitator Training

MOVA (Mass Office for Victim Assistance)

Massachusetts Victim Assistance Advanced Academy

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Family and Consumer Science and Education

Kenyon Salo

Motivational Speaker Training

Spectrum Health Systems

Trauma Informed Training

My Life My Choice

Preventing Sexual Exploitation Among Adolescent Girls

Doven Starr Intuitive Reiki Center

Reiki Certifications

Strozzi Institute

Power of Embodiment

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