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"A master of many programs, Meg is motivating and inspiring in everything
she creates. Her knowledge and skills are ever-evolving, shown in her expansive scope of experience and practice."
                                                                   ~ Sophia, Sudbury, MA, March 2020
sophia testimonial.jpg
beth test.jpg
"Meg represents fierce bravery for community and in the service of others."
                                                              ~ Beth, Jamaica Plain, MA, January 2020
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"Meg always brings her authentic self, leads with her heart, and creates a space that is safe, non-judgmental and uplifting."
                                                                 ~ Adam, Marlborough, MA, March 2020
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"Meg is such a gift in my healing journey. She has not only reminded me of my power but has given me the tools to help reclaim it. Every session with Meg is unique and restorative. She is supportive, uplifting, nurturing and gives you the tools you need to heal yourself. I can call her all the way from Hawaii and she always shows up no matter the distance or space we make it work virtually. I am so thankful Meg is a part of my healing journey." 
                                                                  ~ Phoenix, Honolulu, HI, February 2021
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Meghan is basically Love incarnate. Her heart is huge and her light shines so brightly. You will learn a ton from her as she wholeheartedly and so generously shares her gifts
                                                                          - Dima, Ashland, MA, May 2020
mariah test em.jpg
"Meg not only guides everyone in the right direction within themselves but she allows you to freely open up to her and yourself without feeling judged. She gives off love with open arms. Meg is the kind of person that radiates positivity to every single soul she touches. She is a forever friend, someone you could call no matter what without questions asked and she will welcome you with open arms."
                                                                       ~Mariah,  Ashford, CT, September 2019
beth m test.jpg
"Your teaching inspired me to be a yoga teacher and whenever I take your classes, which I love, I start getting inspired to teach again. I always feel so peaceful after your classes."
                                                                    - Beth, Marlborough,MA, September 2019
"Meg is a natural inspirer and community spirit.  She's pulling from a longstanding network of experts to bring you this material.  Her roots go deep in this spiritual motivational work."
                 - Carolyn, Fitchburg, MA December 2020
"I swear something in your energy actively healed me. I felt heard. You treated me with dignity and acknowledged my feelings whether they were right or wrong. I felt validated. I get a lot out of your approach.You give me comfort."                                  
           - Tricia, Framingham, MA, December 2020
"Meg is a force to be reckoned with in the lgbtq, sex trafficking, recovery communities. Her spirit is fierce and filled with so much love."
                      - Jo, Framingham, MA, November 2020
"This woman inspired me when I was in need  She is kind, energetic and so compassionate!! She is an amazing woman with lots of experience and wisdom to offer."
               - Kelli, Framingham,MA, October 2020 
"If you can imagine a place in your heart that feels like home, this is what it feels like being with Meg." 
                           ~ Heather, Hopkinton, MA, April 2020
"Meg is a bright light in a dark world."
         - Kat, Framingham, MA, September 2019

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