Add a slide show here?

Add grid here with list of all events and ability to book from this page. 

This thing below is the Boom Calendar. I can't see how to add the picture to this view. I didn't have time to play with it. 

You can post up to 7 events for free and after that it is $4.99/month. If I am booking that many events, it's worth the money if we can get it to look the way we want it to look as long as there is not another option to use for free.

The yellow one is the Wix Calendar and is also free up to 7 events and then $4.99/month. 

For both, I am not sure how to add a payment method. Maybe it all needs to go through wix if these calendars are used? Would I still be able to add a paypal button? Not sure about this. 

Below that is the grid I made before that will send people to the page that is created for each individual event. (pages I have NOT created yet)

Roadmap to Clarity, Confidence & Connection

How to embrace and celebrate all parts of yourself and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Roadmap to

Self Commitment


Self Love program

From courtship to commitment, concludes  with a commitment ceremony

to self

Roadmap to Relaxation


How to relax and unwind with calming meditation, soothing breathwork and gentle stretching.

Roadmap to Healing a Broken Heart


How to heal and start over after the fall

Roadmap to Shamanic Journeys

How to connect with spirits and find the answers you are looking for

Roadmap to Creativity

How to awaken your inner artist and create a physical representation of your truest self

Roadmap to  Surrender

How to let go of the things you can't control and start to increase your inner peace.

Roadmap to Sensuality

How to awaken your divine feminine and embrace your powerful and sensual self

Roadmap to Embodiment Practices

How to live with clarity by listening to your body and honoring its messages.

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