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I know you have heard people say in regards to relationships:

"Learn to love yourself first." And no one tells us what that really means; I mean all the details involved in loving yourself. Then we get into relationships with others and we have no idea how to set and maintain boundaries. One day, we might wake up and realize that we have lost ourselves and then we might spend years trying to find our way back. If you have ever lost yourself in a relationship and are ready to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, where you know who you are and what you want, one where your boundaries are clearly defined and maintained, one where you are not afraid to be vulnerable and to shine your inner light, this is the program for you!

What if you knew you would never lose your

identity to another ever again?


  • Acceptance of self

  • Healing the past

  • Charting the future

  • Manifesting the relationship you desire and deserve

  • Finding yourself and Falling in love with yourself

  • Designing your own vision of partnership 

  • Vow writing and sealing your commitment in a formal ceremony


Remember that first date? You were so excited and nervous at the same time. You put so much effort into looking your best, saying the right things at the right time, not saying too much, not asking too many questions. Only to find out that you weren't that interested in the person after all. 

Why not take yourself on a first date? Get to know who you are and what you want in a relationship. Would you want to date yourself today? If yes, why? If no, why not? 


Throughout this 12 week courtship, you will learn about yourself in ways you never knew possible. You will dive deep. You will be asked questions that go right to your core and draw out the real you, the one you knew before life got in your way. And you will fall in love with yourself. 


At the end of our journey, we will hold a sacred ceremony to seal the commitment you are making to yourself. You will recite your own vows as you become your own life partner. 

Are you ready to have the relationship of your dreams?


  • one-on-one mentroship

  • you and  I will will meet in person or virtually once a week for 12 weeks

  • you will receive a workbook designed with your unique needs and have online support 

  • monthly and weekly exercises to nurture your relationship with self 

  • participate in one of our bi- annual commitment ceremonies 

A 12 week mentorship program

designed for your unique needs

around finding and

falling in love with yourself.

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 1. The Day We Met Finding all the reasons to say "YES!" to you.


2. For All the MEs I've Loved Before Overcoming how others view you and embracing your own truths about yourself

3.My Body, My Rules Learning to love your body every day in every way

 4. Partnership with Intention How to set and maintain boundaries for sake of self

5. The Inner Circle How to put on your hater blockers and move on

6. If You Can Dream it, You can Achieve It! Creating a vision board for your true love (YOU!)


7. When the Going Gets Tough Overcoming obstacles along the way

8. Keeping the Fire Alive Daily practices and rituals to nurture your relationship with self


9. Prioritize Joy Connecting with what makes YOU happy

10. Adorned With Beauty Create your own jewelry to wear on your special day


11. To Love, Honor and Cherish The writing of your vows


12. Then Comes Marriage Today we celebrate in a formal self commitment ceremony



This year I vow to fall in love with myself. 

I will pause frequently and

catch my breath every time I look in the mirror.

I will dress as if i am going on the date of my dreams

and carry myself with the grace and confidence of a Goddess.

I will wear fancy undergarments  and

pay close attention to skin care.

I will bring myself coffee in bed and

serve my dinner on fancy plates.

I will encourage myself to create more art and write more poetry.

I will save money for wild excursions and weekend getaways.

I will take random drives and

drink in the beauty of nature.

I will sing to my heart's content to whatever music I choose.

I will get lost in the glow of my own eyes.

I will keep my boundaries safe and I will stay grounded in love.

I will take more time for myself and live with no regrets.

This year I will fall in love with myself. 

                                      - Meg Francis

All programs, classes and coaching sessions
are donation based.*

I believe that everyone, no matter their financial situation, is deserving and worthy of healing and coaching services. I have always wanted to run a business this way. Fear often got in the way. Other people's opinions often fed that fear. I have given much time in stillness to decide what is best for my spirit and every bit of this decision feeds my body, mind and spirit in the most fulfilling way. 
Before committing to working with me, I recommend taking some time in stillness to search your heart, get in touch with what you need and then  decide what works best for you.

*this excludes weekend workshops, as they are collaborative efforts with other practitioners.
If you wish to attend and are struggling financially, please reach out to me. 

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