Your initial session starts with a look at where you are mentally, spiritually, and physically on your journey. How do you eat, sleep and work and play and how are these things affecting your health? Together, we will make a plan that best serves you. The plan may include some or all of the following: Reiki, meditation, crystals, yoga, breathwork, and more. Because we never know what the day may bring, in each session, I offer you all of my gifts depending on your needs at the time. You can read below for information all my tools, as well as family sessions and group meditations.


Reiki is hands-on healing that in a word, is love. I will serve as the straw (or conduit) and feed to you the loving energy that the universe has to offer. This practice started thousands of years ago in Japan and I discovered it early in my life, only to find out later in life that there is a name for this. We will take a look at where you may be out of balance and you will be given tools to use to maintain balance of body, mind, and spirit.


If you have a strong intuition and can't explain how you know certain things, you might be a natural healer and empath. I can help you connect with the wisdom that lies within you and teach you how to set boundaries and protect yourself from absorbing the energies around you. I can connect you with memories from past lives and help you to heal old wounds so you are better able to remember what your purpose is in this life. 


Your second chakra, or sexual/pelvic center, is the root source of your financial, sexual, creative, and emotional life. It holds enormous power from bringing forth life to pleasure far beyond imagination. It’s also holding centuries of trauma… cultural, personal, and ancestral. I offer you a healing practice that allows people to release trauma and wounding gently, safely, and quickly, without needing to re-experience it or talk about it. Private sessions are available for individuals and couples. Weekend workshops will be available to women and are being held across the United States. 

Meg Francis

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