Yoga Mat Bags

One day, my sister-in-law handed me 100 canvas yoga mat bags and said, "Can you do something with these?" I thought about all the ties that I bought my dad over the years because, well, I love ties. I love texture and color. I love lace and cowgirl boots. I used to take apart clothing when I was younger and put it back together in a way that made it unique. And that is exactly what I did with those 100 bags. These canvas bags are embellished with lace, ties and various other textures to create a one of a kind bag. Do you have a favorite article of clothing that you don't wear anymore but can't seem to get rid of? Maybe your grandmother's old lace that you will never use? Your dad's old ties? Shirts? I can custom make your bag to your liking and we can design it together. 

Lace and Roses

Lace and Roses    $45

Lace and Cowgirl Boots

Lace and Cowgirl Boots  $45

Butterflies in the Fall

Butterflies in the Fall   $45

Flowers for a Cowgirl

Flowers for a Cowgirl   $45

Meg Francis

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